What happens when Saturn and Rahu are in the 5th house and Ketu is in the 11th house?

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Ketu in the 11th house shows a native who felt the obstacle of worldly desire and living to satisfy independent goals or serving causes disconnected from their heart’s want. They may have come from a huge family, with many relatives, where their personal formations and enthusiasm were not important. They were asked to defeat their personal cleverness in one way or another. The native will contribute to neglect the public or fitting in with what is famous.

Rāhu in the 5th house needs to develop their own formations and heart’s want, not that which will make them popular or cherished. Individual innovative life is the most essential to these natives. Convey their different vision is key. They will likely neglect mass popularity in order to clarify their differential expression. This placing often disturbs having children, as they choose to freedom to seek individual creativity.

Being placed in the 5th house is a bit of a difficult location for Saturn. Even when it is well-aspected, its existence in the house of joy will constrain the native from the small enjoyments of life, the native with Saturn in the 5th house will have a tough time being instinctive, as his responses have controlled patterns. The best guidance is to lie down and try to enjoy yourself, even if it is difficult to comply with such situations. Such a native ability even consider the sound of a party as being creepy, adopt more singular ways of entertainment. In extension, a person with Saturn in the 5th house does not belong a lot, and his relationships are mostly based on problems of security. His shows on dating are rather traditional, and when they and someone with the same type of views, they link with him and try to frame something more stable than just tricks around.

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