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The role and Importance of Rahu in religious writing star divination is vast and equally deep. Rahu is the northern node of the Moon. Rahu is that time, wherever the Moon’s orbit intersects the great circle purpose. he’s believed to be a shadowy planet as per religious writing star divination and is believed to be Rahu as per Western star divination.

These nodes don’t follow any specific sign’s rules but favor Mercury and Jupiter, and is claimed to figure in favor of the Sunsign Aquarius.

Character sketch of Rahu

Let us consider a number of Rahu’s characteristics below.

It is not in Rahu’s character to grasp smart from unhealthy and differentiating one from the opposite is sort of not possible for Rahu. in line with the deeds of a person’s, Rahu blesses them with simply results, and whether or not they’re smart or unhealthy results depends on the bearer. Rahu doesn’t understand discrimination between smart and unhealthy, therefore acts in line with the deeds of the individuals.

Rahu is thought to boost the standard of that planet with that it resides, therefore in Aquarius, the sense of justice is increased to unsurmounted levels living aside Saturn, the God of deeds and justice.


Role and Importance Rahu’s characteristic color is smoke gray or smokes blue. it’s terribly less non-secular connections however manifests the materialistic facet of human existence. it’s well conquered by Maya (the illusion of the world) and obtaining out of its grip is barely doable once placed with mighty Saturn or with Jupiter.

Thus, associate Aquarian enrobes Rahu’s characteristic feature of deviating from reality will catchback terribly quickly, understanding their follies despite the fact that the harm is completed and there’s no means they’ll undo the harm and there’s no means they’ll catch up on it. But then, they are doing perceive and once they stop making troubles they move away terribly fleetly restoring peace into that condition.

The sudden gain in wealth may be a Rahu’s blessing usually. Winning a lottery, winning a contest once one has no hopes or through stealing and different suggests that.

It is in Rahu’s character to be an acquaintance of the downtrodden. he’s principally benevolent towards the lowly, the bottom communities, the poor, the disgraceful, the untouchables, the afflicted plenty.

Rahu’s blessings will cure snake bites, Hansen’s disease, and also the mental afflictions and diseases like bipolar, depression, and lots of additional.

  • Coca-Cola color, blue-black color of iodine are Rahu’s colors.
  • Saturday is Rahu’s day the maximum amount as Saturn’s day.
  • Lord Hanuman is that the spiritual being you wish to worship for pleasing Rahu.
  • Ideally, you can not worship him as a God, since he is aware he’s not one, he wouldn’t take it however you’ll still
  • pray to him requesting him to minimize your pain.
  • You can use this mantra whereas praying to Rahu.
    “Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahve Namah:”
  • Wear a gomed if you’re beneath Rahu’s impact. you’ll conjointly wear a turquoise since this stone will smart by increasing the peaceful zones between Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus.
  • Rules the center finger with Saturn
  • Gold is that the metal
  • Southwest is that the direction dominated by Rahu
  • Rahu is exalted in Virgo

Role of Rahu in religious writing star divination

The role of Rahu among humanity is all concerning materialism. they’re an acquaintance of all discretion fewer objects and beings within the world. However, the 3 grave planets are positively not Evil unusually, neither Rahu nor Ketu and positively not Saturn.

Role and Importance They are a locality of the massive theme, placed maybe strategically to possess a decent grip of the human soul. it’s same that even Gods don’t good the understanding of the souls they rusticate to Earth, thus by the utilization of each doable suggests that the souls are tested and their true colors ar unconcealed to the Gods, if to not men a minimum of throughout the course of a man’s life.

Importance of Rahu in religious writing star divination

Role and Importance of Rahu in religious writing star divination stem out from being a malevolent planet primarily since humans cannot usually stand tall before Rahu’s challenges and snares. Not continually humans get it wrong, on the other hand, the results deemed from a precise action, might not be utterly acceptable to a human’s expectations.

Role and Importance, However, Rahu is typically noted to play the role of a helper for those whose Guru is Sagittarius, Venus, or Saturn. Rahu teaches humans the ways that of the Maya, for people who are willing to find out. there’s nobody during this entire Universe WHO will teach you the tact of Maya, in contrast to Rahu.

It is a conjointly associated indicator of high intellect, manipulations, greed, psychoneurotic behavior. Rahu is commonly referred to as the mleccha planet (foreign planet).

Rahu’s pseudoscience Significance

Rahu is astrologically additional important than Sun, it’s usually believed. individuals do pay additional importance to the maturity of Rahu than the other planets.

Role and Importance On the positive facet, Rahu may be a planet of creative thinking. it’s the world of inspiration. it’s liable for the advancement of knowledge technology, for the planet-wide net, and also the net.

There may be nobody standing concretely behind you than the Rahu and its descendants once Rahu believes that you simply do one thing which will revolutionize the planet quite something. Rahu’s role & importance lies in its rebellious nature the same as the Air that wants freedom of thought and living quite anything.

Benefits of Rahu’s Beej Mantra

  • He will flip enemies into friends.
  • He will enhance your position.
  • He will take away the issues from the trail of your success.
  • He will take away the worry of accidents from your path.

Friendly and unfriendly signs of Rahu

Rahu is friendly to Sagittarius, Pisces, Libra.

Rahu has permanent enmity with Leo and Cancer, therefore being the strongest enemy of Sun and Moon.

Rahu is friends with Saturn and Mercury.

Rahu doesn’t directly rule any sign but, Rahu influences and couples with Saturn in Aquarius.

What parameters will build Rahu extraordinarily strong?

  • Rahu is strongest, for those who are placed among five degrees of Sun in a very ideally smart house with aspects of Jupiter lined.
  • Rahu is placed within the third, sixth, and eleventh House of your Horoscope.
  • When Rahu is within the sixth House with Jupiter on the ninth side, it creates associate Ashtalakshmi Yoga, which’s thought of to be smart for the bearer.
  • When Rahu is placed within the center of the Triangle and also the dispositors change the corners, creating it the Yoga Karaka planet.
  • When Rahu is positioned within the Dagdha Rashi.
  • When individuals have Ardra, Satabisha, or Swati as their constellation.

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