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Mercury From 25 April, the zodiac changes of this planet

Mercury, the factor of communication and speech, will enter Aries on 25 April and will remain in this sign until 9 May 2020. This form of  is going to have a negative effect on the four zodiac signs. These four zodiac signs are Taurus, Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius. Let us know what difficulties these four zodiacs will face in this period.

  • A person should always try to regulate his / her language with Atmakaraka  and always be honest. Such a person is firmly attached to writing. As a consequence, he is often tied to pends, inks, paperwork and all sorts of colleges and educational institutions. Mercury
  • If in any horoscope a planet (Graha) gets too close to the SUN, then this planet (Graha) is said to be combust.Mercury
  • The world of Logic and intelligence is often combusted with  (Buddhi-Intellect). That’s because Sun ever get away from each other more than 28 degrees. And any horoscope you see together with  Saturn is in the next sign at least. Some are burning  in at least 25% of the world’s population.Mercury

 In truth, that means that the power of your mind is governed by the false ego.

  • Architecture, architecture, and sculpture are also of interest to people with Atmakaraka . In the case of Mars, too, a person can be inclined to mathematics and logic. An Atmakaraka- individual may also take an interest in dancing, yoga, papers, magazines, TV, etc. Careful care will bring peace and wealth to law, family, and friends. Mercury Those with Atmakaraka are lucky to change their name.
  • This spouse’s method of forecasting astrology will allow you to learn about personality and character, appearance and much more about your future husband or wife from your own birth chart cast by date of birth and time. For spouse astrology, there are four steps-1. Check the 7th House and the 7th God. 2. See Men & Jupiter’s Venus for Women 3. Test The Lagna Upapada 4. Find out that Darakaraka.
  • Spouse determines when Mars is put in the 7th house by date of a birth-the spouse can be hot-headed, headstrong and aggressive and competitive in nature. He or she is going to be very industrious and will love activity. Mercury in Some people can be full of energy and can be very nice at bedtime. But if Mars is afflicted it displays a quarrelsome disposition and it also gives Manglik dosha in some situations.



Mercury travels retrograde

Mercury travels retrograde On April 25, 2020, Mercury will enter Aries from Pisces. Mercury will associate with the Sun in this zodiac sign in a higher sense. Mercury’s nature is to remain neutral. Therefore it will have an auspicious effect on all the zodiac signs of the Sun. Mercury’s influence on the seven zodiac signs (Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces) will have auspicious effects. Let us know what effect Mercury will have on these zodiac signs. Mercury travels retrograde

10 interesting facts about Mercury Planet: Mercury travels retrograde

Mercury Planet is the smallest of the eight planets. It is also the closest distance from the sun.

There are three days in two years on the planet Buddha. mercury-travels-retrograde

The orbit of revolving round of the planet Buddha is oval in shape, which makes it up to about 47 million kilometres near the Sun and about 7 crore kilometres away.

About 70 per cent metal and 30 per cent silicate material are present on Buddha planet.

The Buddha planet is smaller in size than Saturn’s satellite Titan and Brahaspati Ganymede.

The average distance of the planet Buddha from the sun is 5.79 million kilometres. Let us tell you that in 88 days, the planet Buddha revolves around the Sun at an average speed of about 50 kilometers per second. Mercury travels retrograde

Due to the close proximity of the planet Sun to Buddha, the temperature of the day reaches 468 degrees Celsius. But the night temperature drops down sharply and falls to -182 degree centigrade.

One day of the planet of Buddha is equal to 58 days of Earth and 39 minutes.

There are very deep pits on the surface of the planet Buddha, these pits are long and wide for several kilometres. Mercury travels retrograde

If you want to see the planet Buddha from the earth, you have to see it before the sun rises or after the sunsets.


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