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mars planet 2019 by astrologer abhishek soni  The commander in chief planet among all the planets in Vedic Jyotish

As per jyotish, this is not the own house of Mars but, it is exalted in the Capricorn which is the 10th Sign as per Vedic Astrology. Any planet which is said to be exalted means it will be more powerful and will come up with more strength delivering its positive or negative results based on natal birth chart or Horoscope.mars planet 2019 by astrologer abhishek soni

Therefore Mars will park itself for six months in Capricorn where Ketu is already present. This transition will also result Mars and Ketu conjunction in Capricorn.mars planet 2019 by astrologer abhishek soni

During this planetary moment starting any new ventures, planning new initiatives, strategies, and new assignments will surely come for the review at later stage of the transition period. During this period there will be direct connection between anger and depression leading to disaster results.mars planet 2019 by astrologer abhishek soni

Mars retrograde in any birth chart will shoot the negative or no materialistic emotions thus resulting very low sex profile and even decisions making. No doubt ability to make any important decision will be impacted or slow down can be foreseen during this period.mars planet 2019

Therefore you need  very careful in this physiological hiccups to prepare any important venture or take any importance decisions, as all these will be impacted by the energy level of Mars. As per Vedic Astrology our work or Karma decides our fate and so are the results.mars planet 2019

Prarabdha Karma are said to be the past karma in natives life which once done cannot be changed. Therefore birth of native in particular family decides genetic build up or personality and many predispositions. For example any family has genetically problems related to lungs or any body parts it inherits the same called as Prarabdha Karmas.mars planet 2019


Even it could be the scenarios where you have lost life in any painful ancient or you have killed anyone merciless. Therefore the point is How Mars energy can be destructive when it is in more strength mode and how you should be able to cope the same to avoid any long negative result.mars planet 2019


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