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The southeast direction is good for the money plant

  • This plant  is considered auspicious in Vastu, it increases positivity.

Vastu tips can be useful to increase the positive energy of the house and eliminate negativity. If the money plant is placed in the right direction in the house, then the environment remains positive and the obstacles related to money work can be overcome. there are some special things related to it which should always be kept in mind

The southeast is considered the fire angle Planting plants in this direction increases positive energy. The causative planet in the south-east direction is Venus. Venus is also a factor of Nine plants. The same plant should be planted in the direction of Venus. money plant

Money plant should not be placed in northeast direction i.e. Jupiter is a factor of north-east angle. Both Venus and Jupiter are enemies of each other. Due to this, the plant of Venus should not be planted in the north-east angle.

The larger the money plant, the more auspicious it is. Its leaves are considered ominous, yellow or white. That is why its bad leaves should be removed immediately. The plant should be well taken care of.

Money plant can also be kept at home. It is better to keep the money plant in water. Its water should be changed from time to time.

so it should be planted upwards. If this plant is spread on the ground, then Vastu Dosha increases.



Vastu Shastra in Hindi 

Vastu Shastra in Hindi  Vastu dosh and how to remove Vastu dosh
Vastu and Vastu dosh is very much correlated with others.Vastu dosh arises due to direct defect or block inflow of energies coming from all the eight directions.

These directions possess qualities bestowed by universal nature upon them respect to Panch-Maha-Bootas.

For example, the wrong structural design of office or shop causes great losses in business to the natives and increase their sufferings in life.

In ancient times or traditional age, the importance of Vastu was dim, but today in the machine age and modern world significance of Vastu have much sorted. Vastu Shastra in Hindi

Vastu dosh checks the placements of physical objects, the natural sun energy flow of all directions that is east, west, north and south. Vastu Shastra in Hindi

Vastu dosh focus on placing the right physical object at right place. This is achieved without the demolition of any house or place. Vastu Shastra in Hindi

In fact, Pyramids also plays a significant role in the positive energy flow and helps in removing the defects caused by Vastu dosh in the long run. Vastu Shastra in Hindi

Following are the natural remedies used to remove the impact of Vastu dosh and increase the flow of positive energies.

  1. Avoid hanging negative pictures or violence in-house.
  2. Use Pyramid Yantra (which means fire in middle) by consulting Vastu expert.
  3. Use positive colours as per astrology or as per your horoscope.
  4. Do not forget to conduct Vastu Pooja, Navgrah Pooja and Lord Ganesh Pooja for newly constructed.
  5. Ensure Pooja room in House should face North East Corner.
  6. Ensure North-East corner of the house is not cluttered and it should be clean daily.
  7. Check there should be no leakages of water or wastage of water in-house.
  8. Ensure Tulsi planted in-house and it should be worshipped daily for positive energy.
  9. While sleeping points your head towards South. Vastu Shastra in Hindi

rahu remedies

Rahu remedies

Rahu In Astrology
Rahu and Ketu. Two words which you heard at least if you the smallest of belief in astrology. Rahu and Ketu dosha is the Kundali dosha known in astrology, which may cause a mess in life. Ketu and Rahu are both shadow planets that don’t possess a form that is fixed, so they’re practically two images from the sky. On the level, the impact as a result of their nature. They are seen as its rare for them to maintain the position in a persons chart and planets. According to Hindu Mythology, asura or a demon came and joined the devas since they consumed the Amrit-.  -Rahu remedies

The Moon and the Sun recognized the demon and educated Lord Vishnu about it. Lord Vishnu chopped with the Sudarshan Chakra of his mind dividing the demon. The demon had swallowed nectar to be immortal. This is two shadow planets came as Ketu and Rahu. The mind part was known as Rahu and the portion has been called as Ketu. Ever Ketu and Rahu are enemies of the Moon and the Sun. Both of these planets in malefic planet state may cause a whole lot of trouble and inconvenience if they’re present in your Kundali. Rahu is such a sinister planet which astrologers recommend avoiding auspicious activities throughout all the Rahu Kaal Muhurat – Rahu Dosha occurs in those Kundali when, each one of all the planets in your chart come in between Rahu, all the snakes head, and Ketu, all the dragons tail.  -Rahu remedies

The existence of Rahu Dosha has negative effects on each one of the planets in your chart that are encompassed by the serpent and lose all of their positive effects to a great extent that makes a person extremely unlucky. Troubles surround them and several important occasions\/events of their life are delayed and almost every aspect of their life is adversely affected. Several simple Rahu Ketu remedies at home may guide you on the way To remove Rahu Ketu dosha and the best way to create Rahu favourably. Following these Rahu Ketu dosha remedies at home will give you positive results and will assist you to understand the best way to please Rahu and Ketu. –Rahu remedies 

Impact Of Rahu And Ketu On One’s Life – Rahu mainly represents luxury and negative impacts of Rahu cause one to suffer from mental disorder and stress, major losses, death in all the family, sudden changes in life and legal hassles. Rahu, if placed positively in all the Kundali, can endow fame and courage. Nevertheless, in malefic planet state, it may also cause problems related to leprosy, skin diseases and respiratory problems etc. Ketu in an unfavourable position at Kundali, causes ear problems, brain disorders and lung problems. -Rahu remedies

With the rising popularity of Vedic astrology, research is also on to incorporate Rahu remedies in Vedic astrology. Rahu is a tantric Sanskrit word which means lotus. This is also the name given to the lotus flower, which is often used as a symbol of the divine feminine in Buddhism and other religions. – Rahu remedies  

In the West, we have often seen the lotus in the form of a mantra or prayer (as in the case of many tantric yogis) and so it is easy to associate the lotus with divine femininity. It is for this reason that Rahu remedies in Vedic astrology are often associated with the goddess of love and femininity, Shakti, the celestial, feminine energy that encompasses the entire cosmos. If the remedy for Rahu is placed in front of Shakti, it will represent her with no hesitation.

However, the root of the word Rahu means root so if the remedy is not taken at the time of taking the full moon of the month (the month in which the media lunar cycle (as in the case of the case with the various astrological periods of the zodiac) enters the first ray of the zodiac sign of a particular individual) then the Rahu does not make itself known to anyone. So it is recommended that people get into the habit of using their remedies each and every month at the times of their birth in order to ensure that their root energies are expressed. -Rahu remedies

For those who wish to get more detailed information about this please go to the website below and read the following articles which will give you all the details and help you understand the root energies of the person concerned. The Rahu remedies in Vedic astrology article is aimed at the readership of Indian culture but this article will be useful to all. The below-mentioned article will explain in detail how race can be incorporated in Vedic astrology to get the answers to the questions. The main point to be kept in mind is that it should be taken when the moon is full and not before. There are several methods of taking the root remedies in Vedic astrology. The above-mentioned Rahu remedies in Vedic astrology article give details of the method of using an acrostic. An acrostic is an anagram which helps in identifying the root elements which can then be accessed by the seeker and thus use of this method is encouraged to get the root energies of the person in question. -Rahu remedies

In the Vedic astrology, root energies are also known as a “king”. The root energies are like a big ball and by means of chakras and mantras, the one sitting on the ball can call the root energies and obtain the root elements by means of meditation and sound vibrations.

Thus by means of using the root energies, one can obtain accurate answers to the questions related to the root energies and therefore provide the seeker with a chance to get the root energies in Vedic astrology. The information on the root energies can be obtained from the article on the soul of the person, Rahu and Vedic astrology. -Rahu remedies

As there are numerous resources to find out the answers to the questions, people are encouraged to take up the practice of using the acrostic as a means of accessing the root energies of the person concerned. In this way, the seeker can get the root energies in Vedic astrology in a very simple and yet effective manner. -Rahu remedies

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