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Rahu In 12th House

Rahu In 12th House
A night of good sleep is essential for ultimate health and may affect mood, weight and bodily hormone levels. Sleeping disorders and sleeping issues are common modern complaint, including insomnia, difficulty in sleeping, anti-snoring, snoring and restless legs syndrome.Rahu In 12th House

Problems and sleep disorders are severe enough to interfere with normal psychological, mental, social and physical functioning. Some of the causes for sleep disorders are nervousness, fear, tiredness, rich and heavy foods, tea, coffee as well as others stimulants taken during the night, too noisy or hot room. A persistent sleep disorder deserves cautious attention and medical check-up. Astrological combinations for sleep disorders1. Rahu In 12th House

Brain nerves are governed by mercury, Moon regulates stomach, heart and mind. Jupiter rules over the lungs and the liver. The elements are liver, lungs and brain nerves. Consequently, these 3 planets are accountable for providing sound sleep.2. Lord of 12th house present in 3rd\/6th\/8th indicates disturbed sleep.3. Lord of 3rd\/6th\/12th house located in 12th house indicates inadequate sleep.4.Rahu In 12th House

If the lord of ascendant\/3rd house or the Moon is placed in 12th home then the sleeping is characterized by vague fantasies.5. Presence of natural malefic like Saturn\/Mars\/ Sun\/Rahu\/Ketu in 12th house indicates disturbed sleep.6. Twelfth home hammed between eighth and sixth home lords signifies sleep or insomnia with horrible dreams.7. Rahu In 12th House

Twelfth lord combust by Sun then the indigenous will suffer from sleeplessness.8. 12th house\/lord associated with Venus indicates long hours of sleep.9. Lord of 3rd \/4th house present in 12th house or lord of 12th house present in 3rd\/4th house induces sexual dreams in the mind of native.10.

Lord of 12th is in exaltation\/own house, the native will sleep too much.11. Lord of home placed in ascendant or god of ascendant and twelfth buys their houses, then the indigenous develop lazy tendencies and sleeping too much.12. 12th house\/lord associated with Venus causes excessive sleepiness, especially if Venus is also the lord of Ascendant \/4th house amount of sleep overcomes many folds.13. Rahu In 12th House

Rahu associated with 12th house\/lord is responsible for interrupted sleep.14. If Ketu is associated with 12th house\/lord the native will remain dull and sleepy.15. If the lord of 12th house is weak and present in 6th\/8th house the sleep period is curtailed. Rahu In 12th House

When will Sade Sati start for Mesh Rashi?

Sade Sati is a dreaded seven-and-a-half year span of Shani in the life-time of a person. It is also known in Telugu as Elinati Shani, and in Tamil as Ezharai Sani.

  • Dhaiya Shani / Kantaka Shani / Ashtama shani–Shani in the eighth house.
  • Period- 2 November 2015 to 26 January 2017 and 21 June 2017 to 26 October 2017 Shani’s 8th house transit features sudden life changes.
  • During Ashtama Shani the natives can feel normal health.
  • Take extra care for avoiding serious situations while driving.
  • It’s a difficult time for career-wise. Sudden professional / job changes can affect your mental health. During this time, take extra care with the investments.

The First Dhaiya of Sadesati –Vyaya Shani/Sadesathi/Elinati Shani.

Time29 March 2025 to 3 June 2027 and 20 October 2027 to 23 February 2028

Saturn’s passage through the 12th house gives the native indulgence in wasting time or in pointless activities.The native may indulge in misuse of time, financial loss, loss of good health, loss in business, disruption of his own family, etc. during this period. If you have rivals, it’s time to take on your loss.

The Second Dhaiya of Sadesati– Janma shani Era–June 3, 2027, to October 20, 2027, February 23, 2028, to August 8, 2029, and October 5, 2029, to April 17, 2030,

  • Saturn gives malevolent results when passing through the 1st building.
  • Be wary of eating food. For the local, food poisoning or food contamination are on the cards. Accident, family distress and distress in friends circle are also on cards during this time.
  • There may also be work transfer, disrespect, and overseas travel. During this duration, you could stay away from home for some time.

Sadesati’s Third Dhaiya / Dhana Shani Era–August 8, 2029, to October 5, 2029, and April 17, 2030, to May 31, 2032, Saturn’s second-house transit causes

  • Illnesses, attacks of various diseases, loss of money, delays in childbirth, hurdles, insults, and many other disgusting matters.
  • Hurdles can prevent the native from fulfilling the task given to him or her.

Dhaiya over Fourth House / Ardhashtama shani Period– July 13, 2034 to August 27, 2036 While Saturn travels through fourth house,

  • the native may remain mentally and physically distant from the family.
  • Differences with friends and lack of confidence in them also contribute to the native being removed from his community.
  • Vehicle-related issues are on the table. Trouble waters are also visible in issues regarding fixed assets.
  • Professionally, it’s a nice time unless and until you experience the frustrating nature of your own job.

Saturn in 6th house

Saturn in 6th house in Aries. This means you are an Ascendant of Scorpio and Saturn is the lord of the 3rd and 4th house that is placed in the 6th house. Which means the person can work hard for their immovable property and there can be a lot of inheritance struggles. There are chances that inheritance could benefit outsiders. Saturn in 6th house

If you stay or position a resident in time, there may be some serious issues. Saturn here in Virgo, Mercury is also humorous but very swift and detailed mercury maters so when Saturn is put in Virgo, he does monotonous detailing work and also gradually takes over the enemies through his detailed work, the individual may be in the work that involves people’s service. Saturn’s being placed in the 6th house suppresses all these malevolent things. You get good health as a result, your debt is popular and enemies are less / weak. The 8th house is known as Death House. Saturn in 6th house

The 6th house is closely related to everything that includes one’s work, personal effort, and work; mostly not as a professional direction and career, but as offering your services to someone else. Those who have Saturn in the house can be workaholics, as their presence makes the 6th house issues play an important role in the life of the resident.Saturn in 6th house

Saturn in the 6th house offers the native very demanding work setting, without this suggesting they don’t like it. Nonetheless, it is time-consuming, and a great deal of effort is being expended. When Saturn is well-aspected by other bodies, a conscious decision is to work a lot, often involving family businesses that pass from father to child, becoming a tradition. Of example, these jobs are also exhausting, as they are usually associated with making handmade items or otherwise providing a great deal of personal productivity time. In general, Saturn in the 6th house gives a very serious approach to whatever concerns professional affairs and does not allow experiments.

Often classified is the 6th house for regulating all small animals. An individual in the 6th house with Saturn could have a very cold attitude towards dogs, cats and other fuzzy little pets. The curious thing is that if a native-like this has problems with his job or health, it is animals that are his solution. He is softening the Saturnian harshness by paying more attention to them, giving them time and integrating with their personalities, which can translate back into his life as a gradual stabilization of his other problems.

So, for such a native the best advice is to spend time with her. Learn from their mentality, let them teach you, and give it back, their unconditional love. It’s even logical; little happy moments together with an animal will relieve depression and give the everyday life a more optimistic approach. This in effect will build a broader cycle of self-healing, ignoring difficult work conditions and entering more harmonic patterns once again.

What is the impact of a horoscope with a retrograde Saturn?

Every other person who has Saturn Retrograde in the horoscope is tensed and worried about his / her Saturn, and I am quite sure they kept hearing all the negative stuff about that Retrograde Saturn in their lives. Saturn retrogrades 140 days, staying stationary five days before and after. Maximum 5 months a year Saturn goes Retrograde in transit, hence many of us in Natal Chart have Retrograde Saturn. The planet’s consistency changes as it turns retrograde.

  • If Retrograde goes every planet, there are four stages of it.
  • As it goes directly to Rx it becomes stationary for a while–with its natural significance, Planet becomes very solid.
  • After this stagnant planet for a while 3 goes retrograde. Eventually, it becomes stationary for a while again 4 before going retrograde to guide it. Eventually, from that last stationary position the planet goes straight away.

The whole cycle is called “Retrograde loop.”

Law & order world, discipline, obligation, destiny, endurance, uncertainty, lethargy, hard work, instability, suffering, misery and a master of great tasks. If Saturn is your planet of gain and it goes backward, the results are in favor. It also assists you in completing the overdue assignments. If Saturn is thoracoscopically retrograde it means you need to be more in line with rules and regulations. Mostly a person with retrograde Saturn is never happy with his personality or identity. The personality is still incomplete. Saturn Retrograde in horoscope usually gives what kind of role parents put on their shoulders during childhood without taking much note of what they want to be of their own interest in life. When you wanted to be a singer but your parents wanted you to be that doctor coz.
The identity crisis brings detachment in their lives but unfortunately, they never get much removed and continually burdened by whom they are and what they want in life–all credit goes to Retrograde Saturn.
Horoscope patience tester Saturn Rx means having more patients in general. If Saturn is retrograde in horoscope (not in transit) it means that in past life and in this life the individual was lacking in taking responsibility.
Lack of happiness with lifetime accomplishments. Saturn Retrograde in the chart will begin to postpone and drag your work or preparing or executing your work as here Saturn’s Retrogression requires you to complete your unfinished work without going through any shortcut. Most people with horoscope Retrograde Saturn change their career stream after Mid-life or so or offer a career break. For the most part, Saturn Retrograde person is afraid of taking responsibility and takes a long time to say’ yes’ to anything. We often have no idea what they can or can’t do.
Saturn retrograde raises doubts as to their actual worthiness. Typically, there is a fear of rejection & losing still goes on their subconscious mind. They enforce their own constraints & obligations. At one point a person with Saturn Retrograde suddenly faces some challenging situation to take responsibility or face some authority’s challenging situation to take responsibility enough for his life or family. Saturn retrograde either makes a person too hard-working or will be too lazy to do even any job. Saturn Retrograde makes a person thirsty for more and more achievement or materialistic successes, no matter what they accomplish in life, they are never satisfied and happy. So, you may say the need for material love never stops. Saturn Means discipline, when He is horoscope retrograde, it brings more restraint in life, thus anger and depression is bound to creep into your life. Saturn retrograde bears in mind dominance, and he thinks he knows best that’s why they still behave arrogant and aloof.Saturn Rx encourages respect, gratitude, either they are going to hesitate a lot to have authority, or they need too much power in their lives.

What happens when Saturn and Rahu are in the 5th house and Ketu is in the 11th house?


Ketu in the 11th house shows a native who felt the obstacle of worldly desire and living to satisfy independent goals or serving causes disconnected from their heart’s want. They may have come from a huge family, with many relatives, where their personal formations and enthusiasm were not important. They were asked to defeat their personal cleverness in one way or another. The native will contribute to neglect the public or fitting in with what is famous.

Rāhu in the 5th house needs to develop their own formations and heart’s want, not that which will make them popular or cherished. Individual innovative life is the most essential to these natives. Convey their different vision is key. They will likely neglect mass popularity in order to clarify their differential expression. This placing often disturbs having children, as they choose to freedom to seek individual creativity.

Being placed in the 5th house is a bit of a difficult location for Saturn. Even when it is well-aspected, its existence in the house of joy will constrain the native from the small enjoyments of life, the native with Saturn in the 5th house will have a tough time being instinctive, as his responses have controlled patterns. The best guidance is to lie down and try to enjoy yourself, even if it is difficult to comply with such situations. Such a native ability even consider the sound of a party as being creepy, adopt more singular ways of entertainment. In extension, a person with Saturn in the 5th house does not belong a lot, and his relationships are mostly based on problems of security. His shows on dating are rather traditional, and when they and someone with the same type of views, they link with him and try to frame something more stable than just tricks around.

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