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The Vastushastra or Vastu is an Indian science of building homes by keeping the good and evil forces in mind. The vastu suggestions are still considered in India and majority of the homebuyers refer to the vastu experts while purchasing a ready-possession home by the builders. Although Vastu is more effective when it is considered before making the homes as you can amend the design to avoid the evil vastu-dosh in your home, but if you are purchasing a ready-to-move home, even then the vastu can suggest some really great ways that help to remove the vastu dosh without executing any major demolition at home.pyra vastu

Vastu Pyramid: An easy way to get rid of vastu dosh

As said, there are several ways to effectively remove the vastu dosh from your home, but if you are looking for an easy yet reliable way to do this, then you should look no further than the Vastu Pyramids. The vastu pyramids not only help to remove the negative energies and the possible vastu dosh that may have been overlooked while building the home.pyra vastu

Using pyramids to get rid of negative energy is a popular way that is gaining tremendous interest among the users who believe in these things. Both Vastushastra and Feng-shui knows the importance of pyramids and uses these effective yet small devices in various ways to treat home to make it a better place to live.pyra vastu

Problems in which the Vastu Pyramids can come handy pyra vastu

Some of the major flaws that can be treated using the  pyra vastu pyramids are listed as follows
1) Removing negative vibes from your home
2) Getting rid of any major Vastu dosh of your home
3) Getting good results of your hard work

Apart from the above-listed points, there are hundreds of ways that the pyramids can be used to enhance your way of living and attract the good fortune to your life.pyra vastu

Things you should keep in mind while purchasing a Vastu pyramid for home pyra vastu

The first and the most important thing that you should keep in mind while there are several types of Vastu pyramids and you should choose the one as per your requirements and needs. You can either consult a Vastushastra expert for this or rely on the online guides to choose these Vastu pyramids.pyra vastu

Another important thing that you should remember while purchasing the Vastu pyramids is the material from which the pyramid has been made. Generally, copper has been used in making different types of Vastu pyramids and is considered as the most suitable for building these Yantras. However, you can also find the crystal pyramids in the various Vastu-related shops that are also effective to get rid of some specific issues related to the Vastu dosh. pyra vastu

Last, but not the least, you should only rely on an authentic Vastu shop to purchase the Yantra. The reason behind this, is buying a pyramid from a cheap shop may not help you to get rid of the situation, and in cases, it may even worsen the situation. So, we would suggest you to consult the famous Astrologer Abhishek Soni and then decide whether a particular pyramid is suitable for your home or not. You can also get some expert suggestions from an astrologer to move towards a better and sorted life.pyra vastu



vastu shastra

vastu shastra  Vastu For Harmony    

Vastu ShastraVastu tips for bringing harmony into your family life. Some simple and easy way of Vastu to bring harmony to your home. Many individuals asked us, can Vastu help them to bring more harmony in their family life? Can Vastu help them to get a loving, harmonious & full of the positive energetic home where everyone is benefited? Good news is it can be possible using simple & easy Vastu tips at your home. The main goal of Vastu Shastra is to bring harmony among the 5 elements of your home. When five elements of any place are balanced than the inhabitants of that place experience good health, love, and well being.

Vastu Shastra East of the north-east area of your home is responsible to bring fun and happiness at your home. This is utilized in much Vastu cure. Fountain brings the energy of the water element, which gives wealth and prosperity. Whenever you place a water fountain in the east direction of your home, then it can help to improve your social connectivity. You should clean the water fountain regularly. Avoid keeping water fountain in your bedroom. Continue reading: the water fountain for, growth and prosperity. A good Vastu in your bedroom is very important, to improve your relationship, harmonize the flow of nourishing, vibration and sensual energy.

Vastu Shastra Therefore, to bring harmony in your home bedroom should be fresh, clean and well organized. Continue reading: Bedroom Vastu tips – Geopathic stress level at your home: To obtain a successful result in Vastu Shastra, you must consider this factor. One hundred years ago this factor isn’t so important. But nowadays the electromagnetic pollution level is much higher than in the past one hundred years. Therefore, you should check the geopathic stress level of your home to bring the harmony of your family life. Balance the five elements: To bring harmony to your life you should balance the five elements at your home. Pyramid Vastu plays a very important role in terms of balancing all powers of nature and circulating right positive energy by core level or deep level corrections through different Pyramids yantra.

Vastu Shastra & Pyramid Vastu is based on one the of best science anatomy and universe laws which help to correct Vastu dosh in any walks of life and even depending upon the native’s horoscope. The concept is used to aim good and better tomorrow.

Vastu Shastra The main and important role of Pyramid Vastu is to achieve effective positive energy balance in all levels of the universe and to bring positive change in the environment in and around us. It helps to eradicate negative energy and drive us towards better mental balance, physical, emotional balance, good health, wealth and prosperity.

Vastu Shastra In terms of Astrology science, Pyramid Vastu is considered very effective for healing medical diseases, helps spiritual mediation, through different colour concept combinations (also known as colour therapy ) and many more.

Vastu Shastra The idea behind these rules different Pyra energy techniques which are implied by the scientist and experts towards the betterment of life of individuals through gaining universal nature energy from the right directions.

Vastu Shastra For example members of a well-constructed house, which fulfils Vastu principles and uses the concept of   Pyramid Vastu will have smooth cosmic energy influence and will surely face less or no hurdles in their day to day life.

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