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free will astrology.

If you’re interested in reading your horoscope then you should look into free will astrology. Free will astrology is the combination of tools that will help you uncover the powerful messages within your horoscope. The tools that are used will be able to help with two things; first, it will help you uncover the internal messages within your horoscope and secondly it will show you how to correctly interpret your personal astrological readings –. free will astrology.

You see, many people often have a very difficult time when it comes to reading their reading correctly. They tend to misunderstand what their horoscope is saying and this can make it harder for them to take the reading seriously. The tools that are used are very powerful and are able to help people comprehend the message within their reading.

There are two types of reading that you can do. The first one is the traditional astrology reading and the second one is the free will astrology reading. In order to do a reading for yourself, you are going to need a piece of paper and a pencil. You are also going to need some notebook paper or even a computer, this will allow you to write down everything that is displayed on your horoscope. -free will astrology.

For traditional reading, you are going to need to learn about the basic shape of your horoscope. This means that you are going to need to know what the parts of your horoscope are going to be. For example, there are seven parts to your astrological chart. These parts of your chart are the Ascendant, the fixed star, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter.  -free will astrology.

You need to learn about the square of your Ascendant. This is the part of your chart that will have the widest angle. The square will also display a direct line from the Sun to the Ascendant.  free will astrology.

The next part of your chart is the element that your chart consists of including the five elements, air, fire, earth, water and wood. As you are learning about these elements you are going to learn about the element of fire. You need to understand that there are five elements that make up a full chart, and each element has a different aspect to them.

One of the different aspects that you are going to be taught about is the chakra. These are the energy points within your chart that are related to the particular position of the Sun in the sky at a particular time. The position of the Sun in the sky at a particular time will determine where the Sun will appear to be during your reading. Each chakra is considered to be the centre of a particular energy.  –free will astrology.

For your second reading, you are going to want to learn about the wheel symbol. This is an essential tool that is used to represent the path that a celestial body will take as it travels through the solar system. These symbols will also reveal which star is located where.  -free will astrology.

The fundamentals of Astrology is the actual starting point where we have to understand the significance of 12 houses in Vedic Astrology and they’re each significant characteristics. All planets in-universe have their own significance identity bestowed by nature through the earth gravitational forces.  free will astrology.

As discussed in our earlier articles the 360 degrees of zodiac equally divides among 12 zodiac signs into 30 degrees each which is called Zodiac Sign. The starting sign is Aries or Mesh till the ending sign Pisces or Meen in the Vedic Astrology. Each zodiac sign is denoted by its lord planet or owner. Jyotish Janam kundalini   -free will astrology.

Results of planets depend upon how well the planets are placed in the respective houses at the time of native’s birth in a natal chart. Jyotish Janam kundalini  -free will astrology.

All the respective 12 houses (also called as bhavas) are considered good, bad or neutral depending upon their positions in the birth chart.  Therefore every house in the Vedic astrology defines its own meaning and governs the particular or important part of native’s life. Jyotish Janam kundalini

House Number Significance of each bhava or House
1 House that rules or governs natives hair, brain, head, success, mental health, thinking power, status, birthplace and so on
2 House of wealth, family members, eyes, education, face mouth, household articles
3 House of siblings, Neighbors, courage, hobbies, valour, neck, writing, computers
4 House of motherland, mother, emotions, happiness, luxuries, school, chest, lungs
5 House of past life karma, gambling, stomach, liver, heart, memory, stock market
6 House of enemies, injuries, sickness, agony, lower back, lower waist, kidney
7 House of relationships, business, partnerships, legal contracts, sexual organs, marriage, foreign travel
8 House of transformation,  obstacle, hardship, serious accident, death, drugs, smoking, chronic diseases, deep research, hidden things
9 House of guru,boss,father,employer,luck,education,blessings,wealth,spirituality
10 House of career, job, status, honour, powerful position, the middle portion of legs
11 House of gains, income, rewards, promotions, goals, long term desires, elder siblings, friends, recovery from disease,
12 House of loss, sleep-related problems, moksha, long-distance travel, hidden enemies


rahu in 7th house

Rahu in 7th house As discussed in my previous article, the importance and significance of nine planets, which is also known as Nav Graham in Vedic Astrology or Hindu Mythology.

The interesting fact and aspect of Vedic Astrology signify that among nine planets seven planets have their physical existence and rest of the two planets that is Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets.  -Rahu in 7th house

Rahu and Ketu do not have physical shape and existence and act as shadow planets in any native birth chart or horoscope. Even though Rahu is considered to be the most powerful and dirty planet in Vedic Astrology. -Rahu in 7th house

Rahu and Ketu are considered as intersection pointers in the sky which are termed as north or south lunar nodes. Rahu is a powerful planet which aspects malefic effects such as long chronic diseases indicates laziness, delays, hurdles and even cause of death sometimes in the horoscope. -Rahu in 7th house

It rules jails, thieves, cruel thoughts, court cases, enemies, snake, poison and even deals with isolated directions.

Invisible planet Rahu is the strong enemy of Sun, Moon, and Mars and not allocated any zodiac sign. As per Vedic Astrology science, Rahu is exalted (means uccha in Hindi) in Taurus Zodiac Sign whereas it is debilitated (neecha in Hindi) in Sagittarius Zodiac Sign.  -Rahu in 7th house

Neutral planet to Rahu is Jupiter. Friendly planets of Rahu includes Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Rahu stays for 18 months in Zodiac Sign. The Nakshatra ruled by Rahu is Adra, Swati and Shatbhisha. Mahadasha of Rahu exists till 18 years in any zodiac sign -Rahu in 7th house

Rahu In 7th House

Rahu represents want and obsession in a human being. Rahu is known as the mind as he drank the nectar of a demon that became immortal. The things that are represented by the house\/sign in which Rahu is placed in express the obsession for the same. Rahu does not have a physical presence and is a shadow planet, but has an impact on the living beings in the world. Rahu\/Ketu indicates the karmic desire of the past and present of the native.

Here are the forecasts for Rahu in homes of a chart. Nonetheless, the real picture may be discovered only after looking at another planetary position i.e. Rahu placed with a facet of planets on Rahu, a few planets and the Sign and House Rahu is placed. Nakshatra of Rahu also needs to be examined. Result of Rahu in the first house of the chart – Rahu usually gives good result in the first house. Rahu indicates cleverness and wit. Though such an individual can be short-tempered, he’ll be intelligent. Read – Result in the home of the chart of Rahu – Rahu in home causes of making for the native problem.

He might feel difficulty in finding a stable income source. Where he’s to depend on others for his presence, he could have to face situations. Read – Result in the home of the chart of Rahu – He’s his own thoughts of thinking and seeks side of life. Majority of actors and the politicians have this position in their chart. They know how to use their position to produce earnings and clever. Read more – Result of Rahu at 4th home of a chart – Rahu in 4th house is considered malefic. 4th house indicates Cancer Signal in Zodiac whose lord is Moon. Rahu is the worst enemy of the Moon.

Here, Rahu is just like a curse for the native. The fourth house denotes the mental state of an individual. Read more – Result of Rahu at 5th home of the chart – The only negative facet of this house is the effect of Rahu on progeny. The person can have no kid or there might be difficulty in conceiving. There may also be the main distinction of time between these births of children. There could also be a miscarriage. Read more – Result of Rahu in the sixth home of the chart – Sixth home is known as the home of enemies, diseases and debts. Any Evil Planet in this house gives positive results.

There are many Rahu predictions for a career in astrology. There are particular appointments and positions that some people will find important in their life such as the positions of nannies and housekeepers. They can also be necessary for students like teachers, administrators, professors, and psychologists. In astrology career, they can predict if the person is fit for a job or not. There are also signs that come along with the career that can give an indication of the success or failure of a career. One of the rare careers that are popular in astrology career predictions is the careers of rain prophets, seers, and psychics. Rahu predictions that involve this career tend to predict good things in the future.

The predictions can be accurate for each and every person in different countries. Since Rahu careers are predicted by ray signs and keystones, these predictions are reliable. Since they are based on the interpretation of the keynotes and signs, the predictions can come true to the extent that people can be successful in their careers. People who have achieved the careers which they were told would be their dreams will be able to live their dream careers successfully. These careers include those of financiers, navigators, natural scientists, and engineers. There are other predictions that have been made regarding race careers and most of them are related to professions that people have to do for money or for moneymaking purposes.

The predictions can be different for each individual since the sign of a rare sign can vary from one individual to another. In some cases, they can be exact, while in other cases they can be vague. A person who has done a successful career as per astrology predictions is one who gets good compensation and enjoys a good life. A person who has achieved a career as per astrology predictions is said to be fortunate in love and business.

Rahu also gives benefic results. The health of the indigenous will be sound. Enemies might not be capable to face him. Read more – Result of Rahu in the seventh home of the chart – In married relations, it’s observed that such natives shouldn’t marry before this age of 21 to avoid complications at married life.

At present, Rahu is in Cancer Sign and Ketu is in Capricorn sign till 2019 which has a different impact on all the 12 zodiac signs. Well placed Rahu in any horoscope specifies prosperity, good health, wealth and position, power or authority. If adversely placed, then it will result in arrogance, diseases and fights.  -Rahu in 7th house

Let us try to study the impact of Rahu in different houses in any birth chart of the native

House Number


Impact /Effects
1 If placed in the first house, then native will be clever and will receive unexpected wealth. The person will be short-tempered. Power and Authority will be the hallmark.
2 If placed in second house native will find difficulty in terms of income gains.
3 If placed in third house native will be a positive thinker and intellectual person and will have a health source of income.
4 Rahu placed in this house is not a good sign for native as it is the enemy sign and will bring malefic results.
5 Natives should be careful in terms of Pregnancy. Otherwise native will be very good in terms of personality
6 This house indicates death, diseases and debts. Enemies will always be defeated and natives health will be good
7 Rahu can create health issues in the family.
8 Therefore natives should be careful while driving vehicles and obstacles in life are observed.
9 The person will be spiritual and religious.
10 The person will be hardworking and will rise significantly  in his career ladder
11 The native will earn good wealth during any Mahadasha of Rahu
12 Natives  have to suffer more in personal and professional life



rahu in 8th house

Rahu in 8th house    —Rahu In Astrology
Rahu and Ketu. Two words which you heard at least if you the smallest of belief in astrology. Rahu and Ketu dosha is the Kundali dosha known in astrology, which may cause a mess in life. Ketu and Rahu are both shadow planets that don’t possess a form that is fixed, so they’re practically two images from the sky. On the level, the impact as a result of their nature. They seen as its rare for them to maintain the position in a persons chart and planets. According to Hindu Mythology, asura or a demon came and joined the devas since they consumed the Amrit- .

Rahu in 8th house -The Moon and the Sun recognized the demon and educated Lord Vishnu about it. Lord Vishnu chopped with the Sudarshan Chakra of his mind dividing the demon. The demon had swallowed nectar to be immortal. This is two shadow planets came as Ketu and Rahu. The mind part was known as Rahu and the portion has been called as Ketu. Ever Ketu and Rahu are enemies of the Moon and the Sun.

Rahu in 8th house – Both of these planets in malefic planet state may cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience in the event that they’re present in your Kundali. Rahu is such a sinister planet which astrologers recommend avoiding auspicious activities throughout all the Rahu Kaal Muhurat – Rahu Dosha occurs in those Kundali when, each one of all the planets in your chart come in between Rahu, all the snakes head, and Ketu, all the dragons tail.

Rahu in 8th house – The presence of Rahu Dosha has negative effects on each one of the planets in your chart that are encompassed by the serpent and lose all of their positive effects to a great extent that makes a person extremely unlucky. Troubles surround them and several important occasions\/events of their life are delayed and almost every aspect of their life is adversely affected. Several simple Rahu Ketu remedies at home may guide you on the way to remove Rahu Ketu dosha and the way to make Rahu favourable. Following these Rahu Ketu dosha remedies at home will give you positive results and will assist you to understand the way to please Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu in 8th house – Impact Of Rahu And Ketu On One’s Life – Rahu mainly represents luxury and negative impacts of Rahu cause one to suffer from mental disorder and stress, major losses, death in all the family, sudden changes in life and legal hassles. Rahu, if placed positively in all the Kundali, can endow fame and courage. Nevertheless, in malefic planet state, it may also cause problems related to leprosy, skin diseases and respiratory problems etc. Ketu in an unfavourable position at Kundali, causes ear problems, brain disorders and lung problems.

Rahu, one of the characteristics of Earth’s energy, is in the 8th House or Gemini, just like Saturn. Rahu is the symbol of the mighty storms and how these are tempered by bravery.

Rahu in 8th house  –  The name Hurricane symbolizes the fury of nature. These storms can be a fun thing to watch as they travel across the sky. Seeing them can be good for children because it reminds them that the power of nature can be controlled.

Diamonds, when seen together, symbolize love. Diamonds are the feminine symbol of truth and love. Men will find it sexually appealing when in some way combined with a woman’s diamond. It represents motherhood. Hence, a symbol of womanhood combined with a gem that represents courage and strength.

Rahu in 8th house  Rahu is closely related to courage. But as we age the symbol of Rahu can weaken. A person in their late thirties may not have much of a need for this gem. But it does still have its purpose in the symbolic world, just like love.

Rahu brings manly courage, so it is linked to courage in every man. Also, the gem is connected to the strength and determination of the individual.

Gemini represents the progression of the soul. This gem is linked to psychic powers. Many years ago, people in our culture believed that all gemstones were linked to psychic abilities.

Rahu in 8th house  Astrology is based on the life path of the planets. In order to understand the daily activities of a person is essential to understand the angles of the planets. That is what Astrology is all about.

There are several elements that make up the meaning of Rahu. To many people, a Rahu brings about bravery makes the person courageous. It is also considered that the gem is linked to a person’s fortune.

Rahu in 8th house  To some people, Rahu represents a certain personality. They call a Rahu a magical gem because of its ability to hold magic. In some cases, individuals that have some type of psychic connection will have a strong affinity for this gem.

Rahu in 8th house  Rahu represents a strong intellect. This is so because this gem is a symbol of the intellect. Because of this fact, this gem is sometimes linked to a person’s logic or reason.

Rahu brings forth a sense of justice. This is so because of the fact that this gem represents the justice of the mind. Because of this fact, the gem is often linked to a person’s conscience or feelings.

Rahu in 8th house   When a gem is in the 8th House or the house of Mercury it means glory.

mercury retrograde

Let us study the impact of Mercury (Buddha), the planet of Communication in 12 Different Houses as per Vedic Astrology    Mercury retrograde

House Number as per Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Impact /Effects as per Mercury position in Horoscope
1 If Mercury blessed in this house, then native will be good speaker, intelligent and debate winner. Mercury in Lagna is the auspicious placement and bestows natives beautiful personality, good memory and very much straight forward in thoughts and actions. The person will have a long life and even expert and famous Astrologer  -Mercury retrograde

2 Mercury placed in this house make the person healthy, wealthy and prosperous kind-hearted throughout life. Direct gains through writings work, administration foreseen. In the case of Malefic placement of Mercury will result from hurdles in education and depression.   -Mercury retrograde

3 Good placement of Mercury result siblings, short journeys, avid reader, a very famous personality in society and professional front. This house deals with the taste of reading and literature.  If Malefic, then it could result in mental stress and trouble in arms.   -Mercury retrograde

4 Natives enjoy company and support of the elderly in family or even superiors in professional front. Direct gains from property and education in case of well-placed Mercury. A person can be a famous author or even a scientist. Malefic Mercury results in domestic trouble and losses from partnership ventures.   -Mercury retrograde

5 A person can be a good advisor, very much matured, balanced, good decision maker, happy and very courageous personality. More than one affair is foreseen in case of the opposite sex.  Wealth is only through hard work. Malefic Mercury results in scandals, mental breakdowns and even create health serious health issues leading to paralysis

6 Mercury placed in this house is generally not considered auspicious unless and until it aspect any positive plant in any Horoscope. A person is very straight forward in speech or harsh words expected and disturbing nature. But the person is good at dealing with numbers or math or accounts. Malefic or Retrograde directly impacts or activates enemies which is not a good sign.   -Mercury retrograde

7 House represents marriage and partnership, thus the placement of Mercury in this house makes one horoscope most favourable for the spouse as beautiful, intelligent and very diplomatic and well behaved. Gains through partnership and business indicated.  Native enjoys the company of wealthy women. Malefic placed Mercury results in broken Marriage, strain relations and even legal troubles.   -Mercury retrograde

8 The person will be lucky and long-lived if Mercury well placed in this house. Same way native will be a famous personality in society and a supporter of the family. A person can be a great Astrologer and guru of occult science. Malefic Mercury could result in trouble with the opposite sex and trouble related to financial matters.
9 House of religious and spiritual activities, the native will be well learned, wealth, religious-minded personality and will enjoy the taste of foreign lands as well as higher education. Much success is awaited in travel, writing and legal matters. Malefic Mercury results, worries, unproductive and unprofitable journeys and doubtful nature.   -Mercury retrograde

10 This is the house of your Karma, work, career, where Mercury placed results naturally oriented and passionate personalities in their work areas of life. The native will be liberal, famous and blessed with luxurious items in life. But malefic Mercury results in foolish acts by the person and even losing dignity in society. Health fronts need attention, especially on eyesight.   -Mercury retrograde

11 When Mercury is placed in the house of gains, achievements, desires, aims then native enjoys a social status in society. A person is very ambitious, high moral and to whom everyone looks upon. Blessed with good teaching art, leads to luxury and pleasure life. Malefic Mercury results loss of wealth and person is not truthful.   -Mercury retrograde

12 This is not the house of Mercury and generally, it gives bad results leading to poor and much struggle in life. Native is always double-minded which blocks decisions making. A person is devoid of any education and faced defamation. If Mercury is placed well then the person is a very powerful personality and famous in the society,   –Mercury retrograde

moonrise today

moonrise today Let us try to study the impact of Moon in Different Houses as Per Vedic Astrology

House as Per Vedic Astrology Impact /Effects of Moon According to Placements in Birth Chart

Result of Moon in 1st House of Birth Chart

The first house is very important as it denotes a native’s personality. Moon Placed in this house (Lagna) the native will be strong and will have a long life with an attractive personality. But same way person will be highly sensitive in thoughts and weakly placed Moon will surely result in health problems related to stomach and financial crises and will impact relation with its mother. Moon placed with any malefic planet like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu will produce negative results

moonrise today Result of Moon in 2nd House of Birth Chart

Moon present in this house denotes pleasant personality, Knowledgeable person and very good in communication. Financially unstable in case of weak moon and their emotions are not stable or secured during the same period. Such personalities bend much towards money-making and weak moon may result in income through unlawful or corrupt sources.

moonrise today Result of Moon in 3rd House of Birth Chart

Denotes the house of communication and strong Moon will make the native as an outspoken personality in professional and social circle. They will see as high profile in Marketing and BPO areas to attract sales and customers with their words. The social network will be strong. But weak moon placement will result in hindering relations with others and even will impact a mother’s health badly.

moonrise today Result of Moon in 4th House of Birth Chart

This is the house of Moon where it feels much comfortable in delivering positive results to the natives. The person will be very caring towards family thus maintaining strong relations in the very front. The same way it will enjoy good comforts, friend circle and support and good wealth. The person will be high in reputation in society.

moonrise today Result of Moon in  5th  House of Birth Chart Person will be romantic and very much dedicated or loving towards its children. Placement of Moon in this house denotes pleasure and emotional expressions. As this is the house of knowledge and learning, the person will seek higher education, but if Moon is weakly placed will deprive the native with above-mentioned results leading to depression.

moonrise today Result of Moon in 6th House of Birth Chart

This is the house of enemies and service to others. So if Moon placement is not good or weak then certainly it results in strain relations with family and particular with mother. You need to be careful while dealing with your co-workers. Fluctuations  in health and mood swings are foreseen if Moon combines or aspect with malefic planets like  Saturn or Ketu or Rahu and impacts decision-making abilities

moonrise today Result of Moon in 7th House of Birth Chart Seventh house represents spouse, partners and open enemies. Moon placed in this house in a good position will bestow native with sensitive partners in life and in business. More worry on the mother front as she will be more caring and will be sensitive. All your feelings will suffer a negative impact from your near and dear ones if closely attracted. More than one marriage is foreseen. The native should control their mood swings and act logically while making important decisions.

moonrise today Result of Moon in 8th House of Birth Chart

Any planet placed in this house is not considered auspicious as the house represents death, miseries, sorrow and debts. Placement of gentle planet like Moon is surely not favourable and native will always remain in depression and inability to make important decisions in life. The native will be jealous and will be more interested in occult science. But financial gains are indicated through marriage or partnership.

moonrise today Result of Moon in  9th House of Birth Chart House deals with fortune, destiny and religion. Moon placed here will certainly result native to believe in spirituality and a great supporter of any religion or any religious activities. The person will be wealthy and very knowledge oriented as this house belongs to Jupiter. But same time weak moon may result in the native to practice black magic or superstition.

moonrise today Result of Moon in 10th  House of Birth Chart

Placement of Moon in karmic and profession house is very good. No doubt person will be attracted towards his job as die heart and will do everything to gain attraction and popularity.  Strongly placed Moon will surely result native to focus more on the professional front than the personal or family front. Weak Moon may result in no satisfaction in a job and you will not be able to control your emotions.

moonrise today Result of Moon in 11th  House of Birth Chart

The house represents gains, friend’s circles and desires, so Moon Placed in this house is a favourable sign and results in direct gains from friend circle and helps in developing new relations. The native will be attracted more towards the opposite sex and you will feel much comfortable and secured. Weakly placed Moon may result in native deprive of above all mentioned and results in the bad friend circle.

Result of Moon in 12th  House of Birth Chart

Moon placed in this house delivers mixed result sometimes bad or even sometimes good. This is a house of salvation or separation, therefore native is a very talented and intelligent personality mostly a scholar or writer having very unknown talents.  The past deeds or any loss due to emotion will be overcome in this house. But in case of malefic impact on Moon or its transit, it causes mental pain or depression.

Astrology An Introduction

In the heavens, something sinister was occurring since Halloween. Something that a factor in the descent into chaos who Everyone’s lives seem to have been carrying. It is not a winter weather advisory, nor can it be frightening, although the slow approach of finals. Mercury is in direct and retrograde movement, and for there might be a reason behind it related to midterms and related to the stars. The tradition of astrology is an age-old art that been in existence since the first discovery of replicating constellations in first century B.C. In a movement of and honour of the mercury retrograde, here’s an extensive introduction into the world of astrology.

For the practice involves translating and reading how they affect human affairs and the positioning of objects. This is performed through reading a persons birth chart, that’s a snapshot of the sky at the moment of birth. The positioning of the moon, sun, planets and comets affect the energy they represent could be manifested with where the celestial bodies as well as a person’s natal chart. It’s significant to recognize who astrology is considered a kind of pseudoscience by that the scientific and academic communities and several do not see it as an accurate or reliable way into gauge info, due to the unverifiable nature of that the claims and unbacked research.

Though it might not be a clinically accepted practice, that the history and that the art form may be used either as a fun party trick or a curiosity fueled hobby. The best analogy I’ve come up with to explain that the astrological calendar and its many intricacies are by comparing it to a pizza. The 12 signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc, are such as that the crust, acting as a rotating circular base of the celestial scope by which all other stellar events take place. The signs are the basis of a persons character and identity, thus influencing the temperament of a certain concept.

The calendar is further broken down into 12 houses, that relative to that the signs and each section can be broken down by different nuances depending. The houses remain in place, the level juxtaposed to the sign upon like the sauce and cheese.

moonrise today They’re like the sauce and cheese. Houses act as that the fundamental environment for outcomes in life as well as specifications for character traits. Lastly, the planets are such as the toppings, which indicate the particular nuances of personal identity. Each planet, as well as astrological body, rules a certain home. These predetermined traits can manifest themselves in a person’s life in a plethora under.

I’m sure that every planetary ascendant lover has probably asked this question at some point in time. Of course, there is not a person alive that isn’t familiar with the planets and what they represent in our life. A good number of the facts about the planets and their qualities are based on astrology.

moonrise today Well, even though that is true, I can tell you that in my readings, I only referred to planets. I have to warn you though because there are people out there that will try to tell you that because astrology is just an opinion and it does not reflect a scientific fact. I’ve met some people that are more than willing to contradict astrology. They will point out that many people believe the things that are written in the pages of the horoscopes that they read.

To help answer the question “What careers are associated with the planet moon?” I’ll begin by talking about the moon and how it is regarded in astrology. I am sure that you probably have already guessed that the moon is considered to be the female of the planets, so it fits in with my topic of the planet’s qualities. When looking at the moon in astrology, there are things that you can be aware of.

moonrise today Perhaps, you may have noticed that some in the past thought that the moon was a goddess, which is the opposite of the male of the planets. She is believed to be the realm of both good and evil. She is also believed to bring birth to new life and to bring new life into the world. That’s all that is written about the moon in astrology.

Now, the question “What careers are associated with the moon in astrology?” is not a question that is nearly as difficult to answer. In astrology, the moon is associated with being a mother to be. And that’s all there is to it. So, you can imagine that most career paths are considered to be a part of what careers are associated with the planet moon.

moonrise today For example, being a mother is a very important part of astrology. Mothers take care of their children. This is because the role of a mother is very important, and that will be taken care of in your life if you become a mother.

It seems like the motherhood career is going to be associated with women because of the name of the profession itself. The moon is also associated with bringing forth life into the world. There are a lot of careers out there that are based on creating new life and that is why that is so.

moonrise today To answer the question, “What careers are associated with the planet moon in astrology?” you should know that you can be a mother, a wife, a student, a worker, a follower, and so much more. You can choose careers that are very similar to those that I have mentioned and they will still be associated with the moon. In astrology, the qualities of the moon are very important and they will all work for you.


moon in 7th house

moon in 7th house 

The moon in the seventh house in a birth chart is one of the primary elements that the horoscope person needs to contend with. While the other houses are ruled by solar planets, the seventh house is one of the planets that govern it and what a person represents. The moon represents all the elements, including water, air, earth, fire, and wood.

The astrologers who write the horoscopes know these things but they still need to get the information across to the public so that they can give accurate predictions. It is not that they do not know how the seven houses should work but their information is insufficient. The horoscope that someone reads from a book or on the internet could easily be wrong. It is even worse when they don’t understand the seven houses in the first place.

moon in 7th house  A person’s horoscope can be wrong for many reasons. One example is when the sun rises in the west in the morning. This is a sign of the day of his birth and therefore would mean that a person born on that particular day would have the ability to see some aspects of the future.

Of course, the moon rises in the east at sunset but there is no sunrise in the west. You cannot see the moon when it rises over the eastern horizon.

Another example is when the planets move around the earth. They move counterclockwise when the moon rises in the west. If a person had been born a few days before the moon rose, he would see the planet earth moving counterclockwise around the earth and assume that he was about to meet an opportunity to do something.

moon in 7th house  In the opposite situation, if a person was born a few days after the moon rose, he would see the earth counterclockwise. Since the moon is not in opposition to the earth, the astrologer cannot read his horoscope correctly. He will make errors like this when it comes to reading his horoscope.

If you believe that the horoscope is right because it has the correct information in it, then you will also be wrong if you read the horoscope incorrectly in your birth chart. The information in the horoscope is merely a guide. When a person reads it correctly, it must have been done with the correct information.

moon in 7th house  Horoscopes that are based on astrology is written for people who are not versed in astrology and to explain the meaning of the different aspects of the horoscope. So, people who read them incorrectly can easily misinterpret the contents of the horoscope and think that they are saying something completely different. So, it is important that the correct information is provided for those who are not familiar with astrology.

An astrologer knows how to read the birth chart and uses his astrological knowledge to write a horoscope for a person. The horoscope is not meant to be read literally. It is more of a roadmap to help the person understand his horoscope.

moon in 7th house  So, if a person wants to interpret the horoscope correctly, then he should take care to note that it is not just a guide. When the details of the horoscope are mentioned in the horoscope chart, they need to be understood properly. In case of a wrong interpretation, the results could be disastrous.

When a person consults an astrologer, he has to tell him the details of the horoscope. Some of these can be derived from the birth chart alone. Incase the horoscope tells about a difficult situation, the astrologer needs to make sure that the person knows what he is talking about. before the situation escalates out of control.

moon in 7th house  The astrologer must help the person understand what to do about the situation and what his limits are. So, the horoscope is not just a piece of paper; it is the compass to find the right path to success.

Yes indeed in Vedic Astrology, Sun and Moon are considered as very important planets in any Horoscope or Birth Chart. In fact, Astrology and Astrological significance would be nil if these planets are not taken into consideration while preparing any horoscope.

moon in 7th house  It is rightly said that while Sun rules soul and Moon rules our emotions and feelings, therefore these two planets are considered as a vision of Vedic Astrology.

Vedic Astrology says Moon denotes our Mother and Sun denotes out Father in any horoscope. Therefore their placement itself holds very much Significant role while calculation of any horoscope. So can anyone imagine life without Sun or Moon? The answer is no and so is the impact of Moon in our horoscope.

moon in 7th house  Moon is a female planet which rules our mind, emotions, thought process as native’s life moves on. Considered as Queen in Solar system it is natural benefic planet bestowing health wealth and prosperity in native’s horoscope if a placement is good.

Among the smallest planet in the earth, Moon is garnered with nature’s beauty and love in women and even governs their menstrual cycle.

moon in 7th house  In Vedic Astrology, Moon is a very important planet which has full control on native’s horoscope or which has been assigned the portfolio of Ascendant in birth chart which also acts as GPS of the birth chart.

Without Ascendant horoscope, preparing will not be possible. In fact in Vedic Astrology, generally, the horoscope is denoted and aspect by Moon Sign and in Western Astrology it is Sun Sign. In fact, all the major nakshatras, Dasha or Antar Dasha which is also known as period and sub-period is governed by the Moon Planet.

Moon is like a mirror, which reflects our thinking process and thoughts very deeply. If Moon is strong in the horoscope then Lagna chart or Ascendant will be powerful with strong decisions making abilities and beautiful personality.

moon in 7th house  On the flip side if Moon is weak in the horoscope then it will result in suicidal tendencies, short temperament and incapable of decision making. Even the native feels uncomfortable health-wise and will suffer from cold and cough, lungs, and eye problem frequently


  Monday is the day for Plane Moon and it represents as Chandra in Vedic Astrology as it is placed in the head of Lord Shiva. The lucky colour associated with Moon is white and Lucky gemstone is White Pearl (Moti). Moon Rules North West direction and its constellations or Nakshatras are Rohini, Hast and Sharavan. It is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio zodiac sign.

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