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Rudraksha Ratna

Rudraksha Ratna – Spiritual Power

Before you choose a Rudraksha Ratna, make sure that you know what they are. They are believed to have magical powers and are often referred to as “medicines of the gods.” They are also considered to be the original form of meditation and yoga. Rudraksha Ratna

They were traditionally worn by both male and female monks and priests from North India and were worn by black African slaves and white Indian women. After being worn by Indians they were mostly worn by Caucasians until the nineteenth century.

A Rudraksha Ratna is a single bead that represents one point of the Hindu astral energy. When wearing one of these beads, it is believed that it will bring them good luck and prosperity. There are many different types of beads that a Rudraksha Ratna can represent, but the most popular ones are usually represented by the Bodhisattva. Rudraksha Ratna

The Bodhisattva is an integral part of Hinduism. They have been revered for thousands of years ago and were said to be very benevolent. You might be familiar with them by their Buddhist equivalent, the Buddha or Bodhisattva. Rudraksha Ratna

One of the most famous examples of a Bodhisattva is the Buddha. He is seen wearing a different coloured symbol which represents the many colours of the rainbow. His hands represent his enlightenment, and his feet represent his efforts to help others.

In North India, these beads are worn by both men and women, and the beads symbolize various things. Traditionally, they were worn as a protective measure against evil spirits and other supernatural beings. They were also thought to bring good fortune to those who wore them. Rudraksha Ratna

The symbol for the Bodhisattva has two hands that are dark eyes, and the word “Rudra” means sun. In North India, these beads are typically worn by men, and women are not really allowed to wear them. It is believed that women are incapable of handling the delicate nature of the beads. Rudraksha Ratna

They are worn by many different religions and cultures all over the world. This makes them popular with anyone that is looking for some sort of protection or luck. It’s important to remember that many cultures do not believe in the power of these beads, so you should check with your religious leader before wearing them. Rudraksha Ratna

Some people may not like the fact that the symbols are symbols. Some people say that they are offensive, and are not a good idea. Although some people find it to be offensive, it is believed that these symbols are very meaningful to those who wear them. Rudraksha Ratna

These symbols can also bring about the end of the world if they are seen in your vision. Many think that if they wear these symbols, it is bad luck and may bring disaster upon themselves. However, many cultures believe that the symbols are very meaningful and are an important part of the tradition. Rudraksha Ratna

If you decide to wear one of these beads, you should also take care of them so that they can also bring about the good. There are special candles that you should use to keep them lit at night, and also make sure that you have a box where you store them after each day of wearing one. It is also important to remove the beads after a day because of the spiritual nature of the beads. Rudraksha Ratna

Rishis and mystics wore these beads for hundreds of years before they were given to others. When you wear one of these symbols, be sure to do your best to preserve them, because they could be passed down through the generations for many years to come.

1 mukhi rudraksha

The Importance of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha Meditation

1 Mukhi Rudraksha is an important part of this ancient system of meditation. It is also a way to enhance mental clarity. This article describes the benefits of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha meditation.

Mukhi or chakra refers to a combination of energy centres in the brain. The brain performs various functions that include decision making, sensory perception, language, emotional processing, and memory.1 Mukhi Rudraksha

A chakra is a fusion of sub-neurons connected to each other by fibres called axons. The core idea behind meditation is that a particular chakra may be damaged or dysfunctional and a person may suffer from behavioural disorders. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

Chakra meditations are used to promote harmony and calm and to improve the overall health of the person.

At the time of meditation, the mind is quieted down and a stream of thoughts is effectively pushed away. These thoughts can often be too noisy and complex to process. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

In order to fully engage the mind, it is necessary to reduce mental activity. The Hindu tradition has many forms of meditation. These can be divided into three main categories – Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, and Mudra Yoga.

Mukhi meditation is done by making use of a central point. Often, a stone is placed there and the entire meditating community is requested to pray to the stone. This prayer is supposed to help clear any karmic remnants and uncluttered thought patterns.

When making use of much meditation, a position is essential. The meditator should lie flat on his back with eyes closed. The back of the neck should be in a relaxed state. He should relax and be able to feel the heart and lungs.

While the back is relaxed, the hands should be placed palms down on the chest, resting on the navel or the lower abdomen. A feeling of deep relaxation is felt and the mind is encouraged to relax. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

Certain parts of the body may be harmed by the accumulated accumulations of tension. In some cases, a rope may be tied around the leg so that it does not become injured. Even a slight injury in a nerve, if the injury does not get serious, can cause the production of anxiety and mental disturbances.

1 Mukhi Rudraksha aids in preventing any harm to the physical body. It allows the mind to experience the benefits of meditation while maintaining the physical body. This helps to keep the mind at peace and thus prevents mental stress.

The physical and mental power of the individual can be increased. In fact, Mukhi meditation is a great exercise for this end. One of the major benefits of Mukhi meditation is the enhancement of one’s spiritual growth.

It is thought that the union of sage Vyasa and guru Bharadvaja in the eighth century was due to this mystical past times. Before that time, there were many yogis who experienced similar effects. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

Some of the benefits of Mukhi meditation are increased focus, relaxation, improved concentration, balanced emotions, vitality, and relief from stress. The practise of meditation is very essential to attaining the personal benefits of rudraksha

astrology signs

astrology signs

Ancient peoples throughout the world held astrology in high regard. It was an excellent way to predict future events. In fact, most people believed that the planets in the heavens were the real source of past and future events. Because of this belief, astrology signs came to be very influential.

Astrology signs have always been used as signs for divination purposes. There are hundreds of names for these signs. These names include the names of the zodiacal constellations in the sky and of the constellation with the same name in the sky. They are often used in medicine because they aid in evaluating the state of health.

The Chinese astrologers developed the use of the Zodiac sign. Some scholars believe that the Greek astrologers found it difficult to create a way to predict future events accurately. With this difficulty, the people began to become more interested in the stars.  -astrology signs

The four common astrology signs are the Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. Each sign represents a part of a person’s life. For example, Leo is a man’s nature, while the Virgo is his abilities and the Libra is his character. All three signs refer to the period of one’s life. For example, if a person’s Virgo sign is born in Aries and his Scorpio sign is born in Capricorn, then this man is born about four times in the span of one year.  -astrology signs

Astrology signs are determined by a lot of factors. Some people feel that their astrological sign is the one which they are most comfortable with. Others believe that their sign is the one that best identifies them and others.

astrology signs may also be influenced by our ancestors. Some of the many facts about people can be inferred from their astrological signs. This is a helpful method in finding out important details about past and present events.

Astrology is one of the oldest known ways to predict future events. Astrology was not only used in ancient times, but it has been proven to have worked even during the Dark Ages.  –astrology signs

Astrology is very dependent on the constellations. The most important of the constellations are those from the eastern horizon. The most prominent of the constellations are the Big Dipper, Orion, Pleiades, Canis Major, Ursa Major, and Cassiopeia. Every night, you can see the stars located above each constellation.

According to ancient sources, there were some astrological predictions during the beginning phases of the moon and the beginning of the summer and winter seasons. People in rural areas knew this fact since they had to stay inside their houses during these times. They would see a butterfly emerging from a plant that was growing in their garden. The butterfly would tell them when it was time to plant seeds and when to harvest them.  -astrology signs

Astrology signs may also be influenced by our ancestors. Some of the many facts about people can be inferred from their astrological signs. This is a helpful method in finding out important details about past and present events. Astrology signs can also help us find out the career of our loved ones, their favourite hobbies, what to do when we reach a particular age, or even which hotel to book.  -astrology signs

Astrology is one of the oldest known ways to predict future events. Astrology was not only used in ancient times, but it has been proven to have worked even during the Dark Ages. Astrology was used to find out how to control the weather. Since the whole universe revolved around the stars, astrology was the only means to control the weather.

Astrology signs are important aspects of life. They can greatly affect our daily lives. For example, there are people who read their horoscopes every day so that they can find out when the planets in the heavens are in a specific position. or when the moon will be in a specific phase.  –astrology signs

Gemstone, as the name suggests, are the Gems of cosmic energy which are used to influence any native when it wears.  In Vedic Astrology science, Gemstones are also called as Navratnas or Ratnaswhich means each nine planets has specific characteristic bestowed upon by Navagrahas on the earth.

In fact in Vedic Astrology, Rishi and Munis have discussed the importance and significance of Gemstones in Garud Purana and Agni Purana and how it brings prosperity and changes in native’s life.  -astrology signs

In Astrology every planet is associated with particular zodiac sign and every zodiac sign is associated with particular Gemstone. However, when to wear a particular Gemstone is decided by positions of planets if different houses in natives horoscope and by consulting expert astrologer only.  -astrology signs

Following are the nine planets and their association with nine Gemstone respect to each Zodiac Sign

Lord Planet Zodiac Sign or Rashi Day Metal or Dhaatu Gemstone Finger to Wear
Sun or Surya Leo or Singha Sunday or Raviwar Gold or Sona Ruby or Manik Ring (Aanamika)
Chandra or Moon  astrology signs Cancer or Karka Monday or Somwar Silver or Chandi White Pearl or Moti Little (Kanistha)
Mars or Mangal Aries or Mesh

Scorpio or Vishchik

Tuesday or Mangalwar Gold/Silver Red Coral Moonga Ring (Aanamika)
Mercury or Budh Gemini or Mithun – Virgo  Kanya Wednesday or Budwar Gold/Silver Emerald or Panna Little (Kanistha)
Guru or Brishapati  astrology signs Dhanu or Sagittarius

Pisces and Meen

Thursdsay or Guruwar Gold Yellow Sapphire or Phukraj Index (Tarjani)
Venus or Shukra Taurus or Vrishba

Libra or Tula


Friday or Shukrawar Gold Diamond or Heera Ring


Saturn or Shani Makar or Capricorn

Aquarius or Kumbha

Saturday or Shaniwar Gold Blue Sapphire or Neelam Middle (Madhyama)
Rahu Silver Gomed or Hessonite Middle (Madhyama)
Ketu Silver Cats eye or Lahsuniya Middle


Gemstone Astrological Facts and Figures

  • Consult expert astrologer for wearing any Gemstone
  • Each Gemstone has its own weight in carat and cents
  • Each Gemstone should be set according to recommended weight and metal
  • Avoid wearing any defective Gemstone

blue sapphire

blue sapphire In my previous article I have discussed importance and significance of gemstone according to each zodiac sign or Rashi (in Hindi). All nine planets (navgraha) denotes each gemstones and they are also called as Navratans.

Today I will try to put some highlights on Neelam Gemstone which is also called as Blue Sapphire.  The stone itself hold much importance in terms of Vedic Astrology and indeed native or the person who wears the stone indeed enjoys greater benefits of it in the life or even this stone proves destroyers of its life.

Blue Sapphire gemstone or Neelam (in Hindi) denotes Lord Shani (Saturn) and signifies the day Saturday. Lord Shani is considered as Malefic Planet among all the nine planets, therefore placement of Shani in the Horoscope  lot more determines if Blue Sapphire will be suitable or not or how it show its result.

It is very wrong belief or quoted that natives born under Aquarius or Capricorn zodiac signs should wear Blue Sapphire.  Blue Sapphire or Neelam should be wore in Right hand middle finger on Saturday evening after performing purification of Stone with (gangajal, honey, curd, milk, chandan and tulsi )blue sapphire

Therefore word of caution should be exercised by thoroughly analysing your horoscope or kundali from the very expert Vedic Astrologer otherwise native will invite unnecessary danger to its life by wearing this stone.

Following are the top benefits of wearing blue sapphire

  1. In Vedic Astrology Blue Sapphire or Neelam is considered one of the fastest acting or giving result Gemstone, which means its impacts or effects are felt seriously. The native can be richer or world famous person within day or even opposite for the same.
  2. Neelam gemstone is very much beneficial in Saturn Transit or its period in any horoscope like Sade Sati. The stone directly helps to improve the body metabolism during such periods.
  3. It is advisable before wearing Blue Sapphire, a trail should be conducted for 1 day to measure its negative or positive impact and then accordingly should be proceeded further.
  4. The stone is very much beneficial for mental stability, clearing doubts or confusions, helps native in firm decision making.
  5. IT is believe if  Sapphire stone suits native, then it receives direct befits of Lord Shani through every means such as good health, wealth and prosperity.
  6. It helps in removing negative impacts of energies in Horoscope, evil eyes and further over comes any bad fame or danger to native’s life
  7. Moreover it helps to improve health problems related to bones, stomach and helps to improves concentrations.
  8. One of the best befits of wearing  it balance Aura Chakra in the body which is responsible for smooth flow of cosmic energy into the body. Importantly wearing Sapphire also overcomes, sudden death, diseases, thefts, and even accidents.
  9. People who are dealing with professions like art, cinema, investigation, business, IT and even doctors, wearing Blue Sapphire ( Neelam) would be much helpful and beneficial.

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