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The Positive Effects of Rahu in the 7th House

Rahu in the 7th house can bring good luck in relationships and marriage. The energy of Rahu can help to create opportunities for business partnerships and success. It can also assist in overcoming obstacles in life. The seventh house is a house of relationships and marriage, so Rahu’s energy can be beneficial in these areas. Rahu can also bring good fortune in business partnerships and success. The seventh house is also a house of business, so Rahu’s energy can be helpful in this area as well.

Rahu’s Influence on the 7th House

Rahu in the 7th house is said to bring good luck in relationships and marriage. This is because the 7th house signifies relationships, marriage, and partnerships. Rahu is a planet that is known for its ability to bring success, so when it is placed in the 7th house, it can signify success in business partnerships and public recognition. Rahu is also known for its ability to bring fame, so when it is placed in the 7th house, it can denote public recognition and fame.
The Benefits of Having Rahu in the 7th House

When Rahu is placed in the 7th house, the native has a strong influence over others. This placement is said to bring good luck in relationships and a strong sexual appetite. Rahu in the 7th house is known to give the native a magnetic personality and the ability to attract others. This placement is also said to give the native a strong sense of ambition and the drive to succeed.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology lets you know about the correct time you have to begin a venture in order for your company will find an ultimate success. Vedic Astrology If you are in charge of a business then you always would like it to flourish and to find a new high. It says a marriage should be fixed after considering the horoscope of both the boy and girl. A horoscope is typically a presentation of the planets placement on the grounds of time together with place of birth as per a pre-decided format. So to have a happy married life it’s crucial to coincide with the horoscope of boy and girl that are going to get married.

Planets offer success to Venusian facets. Planets here encourage any type of group work to be able to achieve one’s chosen goals. A planet is supposedly happy in its own house in Vedic astrology. They make their impact on the zodiacal field.Vedic Astrology

If you’re single, you must wait around for some time as the start of the year doesn’t appear to be favorable for you that you are able to become involved in deep relationship with the individual you adore. Since you may continue being upset some moment, so it’ll be better, when you have control over yourself and speak with people politely. Folks always examine the proper time, the incorrect time, and rahukalam to create the auspicious event fruitful and successful. Auspicious fantastic time ought to be selected for starting the work of a home. The start of the  Nakshatra, or constellation of swati, the very Nakshatra, is the very same as that of the very first indication of Growth Vedic Astrology

An individual can lead a joyful family life. In the modern world one must be reasonable with one’s generosity as folks are bound to take undue advantage of you. You must enable the world.



You hit a jackpot recently? In recent times, did you receive the social recognition you wanted? Were you blessed with a healthy child and at the same time motivated by a good assessment? It’s your lucky time though because you have Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. This step is known as Mahadasha Jupiter. But it can lead to equally destructive effects as the loss of property, knowledge and health issues if it is in a weakened position or combined with Rahu and Ketu.JUPITER MAHA DASHA

This is a sixteen-year period. The age is called Vimshottari Dasha. Therefore, according to Jupiter’s location, it can be a good or poor time period. Those 16 years is nevertheless the most blessed moment in your life because even challenges will lead to the right path. Jupiter is a professor at Guru. An individual attains luck, intelligence, wisdom, benefits, educational, learning, professorship, religion, faith, reputation, etc. during Jupiter Dasha. Higher-level exams such as IAS and medical tests under the authority of Jupiter can be taken and successful. Liking Rahu or any other malefic worlds, it can also contribute to harmful thoughts and mental disorders. Yet the Jupiter may not be able to influence it if he is stronger than Rahu.JUPITER MAHA DASHA

JUPITER MAHA DASHA effects on human life:- 

1. You are moving to religious beliefs and practices.

2. Spend your time worshiping the gods and obeying the Brahmins.

3. It’s making you smarter and mature.

4.Gain information and awareness, and intelligence, and babies.

5. It will acquire wealth, prestige or reputation.

6.Good behavior, compassion, and good business improvement. progress.

7.Pleasure for women in marriage to children or married life.

8.A positive, healthy mind and a good body.


Antardasha is Mahadasha’s prolonged period. It is a time when the other eight planets conjoin with the Mahadasha’s ruling body. In fact, the results will differ between good and evil.

Jupiter Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha Tension’s effects in the family can lead to opposition from members.

Elders are going to suffer in the household.

Health damage due to disease, retribution or theft by government.

Physical pain may occur.

Servants can cause mental damage or agony.


Vaastu Shastra tips for good results

The great Vastu Shastra (Vedic calendar) is the primary means of determining the correct and good alignment of the lunar cycle with that of the solar year. The use of this is found in the traditional Sanskrit calendar in order to get proper alignment of the lunar and solar years.  -vaastu Shastra tips for good results

In fact, people can use this as one of the factors that can determine how many different things they want to have in their life. In fact, there are many different things people may have their preferences.

You will find that there are two approaches to the Vastu Shastra system that are both popular in India. These are the Panchjanya and Vaishnava systems.  -vaastu Shastra tips for good results

Of course, the other system called the Haridra Vastu is one of the few methods of the ancient Hindus in the Indian subcontinent. This is still one of the favourite methods used by most modern Hindus and many other people all over the world.

According to Vastu Shastra, the troubles are not ending with the house, the money is not running, or if some member of the house is ill, then the Vastu defects in your house can be responsible to a large extent. Bad home Vastu can cause many problems in your life. Just as we enter the house from the main gate, similarly negative energy and positive energy also enter the house through the gateway. Some very easy and effective remedies have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra, by which you can bring happiness, prosperity and happiness in the house by increasing positive energy…  -vaastu Shastra tips for good results

The swastika has special significance in Indian culture. According to Vastu Shastra, draw a swastika symbol from vermilion above the main gate. This sign should be nine fingers long and nine fingers wide. By doing this, there is an increase in good luck and prosperity, as well as disease, mourning decreases.   -vaastu Shastra tips for good results

To remove all types of Vastu defects of the house, plant banana tree on one side and basil plant in a pot on the other side. By doing this, you will not only get rid of Vastu dosha in the house but will also have positive energy in the house and the members of the house will also progress. -vaastu Shastra tips for good results

Never use a broken pot or cot at home. Broken and useless utensils surround the house, as well as serving food in them increases poverty and Vastu defects. Also, there is a loss of cube by keeping broken cot.

Put a big round mirror on the roof of the house in such a way that the entire shade of the house is visible in it. By doing this you can prevent Vastu Dosha. In Vastu Shastra, the mirror has been described as a catalyst, through which the creation of wave energy in the building gives a pleasant feeling.  –Vaastu Shastra tips for good results 

It is also not uncommon to find different types of people having their preferences for the Vastu system. If you want to know more about this system and its history, here are some Vastu Shastra tips for good fortune and money.

To begin with, it is important to understand that there are many different types of worship in India. The purpose of Vastu is to bring balance into the way in which you view the five elements and the five senses so that you do not take the wrong steps in achieving prosperity. -Vaastu Shastra tips for good results

The traditional Hindu practitioners believe that if you are able to fully understand how to control the force of the wind, it will be easier for you to harness the power of the rain and the sun. Also, in this Vastu-Shastra, they believe that the power of the soul and the knowledge of the mind is able to accomplish all these things.

One of the best aspects of Vastu Shastra is that it encourages the acceptance of the natural cycle that is usually not accepted by modern people who live on the surface of the planet. Basically, it is better to be out in the world rather than staying on the surface where you can easily succumb to the influence of the physical world and its issues.

The kitchen is considered very special for the happiness and prosperity of the home. If the kitchen is in the wrong place, then put the bulb in the fire and keep the light on every morning and evening carefully. With this, the Vastu defects will be removed and at the same time, there will also be a residence of happiness and prosperity in the house.

When you understand this, you will find that you can actually align your mind and your body in a manner that allows for the various forms of success that come with following the Indian ways. In western culture, they tend to be a little more rigid people in terms of thinking and values.  -Vaastu Shastra tips for good results

Some people find that understanding the Vastu Shastra system, they can learn to direct their own experiences and what they find in the world around them. So, when you are ready to adopt this system of life, you can learn to make an adjustment so that you are living in harmony with the world around you.

Another method for attaining prosperity through Vastu Shastra is through the different aspects of the energy that you will be using in your daily life. Once you understand how each one of these energies can affect you, you will be able to make adjustments in order to have more wealth and peace in your life.

You can experience abundance in whatever you choose to focus on ordo and you can utilize the unlimited wisdom of the universe in your own inner powers. Vastu Shastra is definitely a system that can bring you to great success and prosperity in your life.  –Vaastu Shastra tips for good results  



venus in 12th house

venus in 12th house In astrology, the planet Venus is considered a female planet. Venus is also considered to be the causative planet of husband-wife, love affair, opulence, bliss etc. If the position of Venus in the horoscope is good, then the person spends his entire life with enjoyment, bliss and opulence. venus in 12th house

A person affected by the planet Venus has a gentle and very beautiful personality. If Venus gives auspicious effect in one’s horoscope then that person is attractive, beautiful and adorable. The native remains happy throughout his life due to the special effects of Venus. Venus gives the native the pleasure of house and vehicle etc. with his influence. In the planets, Venus has jurisdiction over all the pleasures of luxury. venus in 12th house

The brightness and glory of Venus are different and unique from other planets. By worshipping Venus, happiness and opulence can be found by making Venus strong. Women affected by the planet Venus win the competition. There are also some planets that support young women to some extent, but as soon as the planets of other participants get heavier, women with weaker planets start lagging behind. venus in 12th house

Venus in the first house

Venus in the first house of the native’s horoscope makes the native extremely beautiful, longevity, moderate, and popular among opposite sexes. But the wife of the native remains ill. The person will be sensual and will be eager to have sexual relations with any religion, caste or creed. Usually, such a person is very romantic in nature. Generally, the person gets married before starting earning. Such a person becomes a leader of the same age, but leading family members causes problems. Such a person is not interested in religious activities. venus in 12th house

Solution :

1. Do not get married at the age of 25.

2. Always start a new work only with the advice of others.

3. Serve black coloured cow.

4. Take a bath with curd and avoid bonding during the day.

Venus in the second house of the horoscope

Venus sitting in the second house of the horoscope makes the native with wealth. But doing evil or evil of others will prove harmful for the native. Shermukhi house (bigger than the front and lower than the back) will prove disastrous for the native. Business-related to gold and jewellery would be extremely harmful to such natives.venus in 12th house

Soil related business, agriculture and cattle will prove to be very beneficial for such natives. If the native is female then Venus gives the problem of the child, whereas if the person is male, there is an obstacle in the attainment of a son. venus in 12th house

Solution :

1. For the problem of progeny, the native should donate and use things related to Mars such as honey, fennel.

2. Feed two kg potatoes of turmeric to cows.

3. Offer two kilos of cow’s ghee in the temple.

4. Avoid fornication.

Venus in the third house of a horoscope

If Venus is in the third house of the horoscope of the native, then the person is so attractive that all types of women are attracted to him. Everyone generally loves such a native. If the person belongs to another woman, then the native has to flatter his wife. Otherwise, his wife always dominates the native.venus in 12th house

Though the wife of the native will dominate everyone, if the person does not belong to another woman, he will dominate her. The wife of the native will be a courageous, supporter and an ally for the native-like the other bull of the bullock cart. She will protect the native from deceit, theft and harm. venus in 12th house

aaj ka panchang

Aaj ka panchang   In Hinduism, Muhurta is definitely seen before doing anything auspicious. Actually, it is believed that Panchang must be seen before any auspicious work. Panchang can be called an ancient Hindu calendar.  They are the five major organs – Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, Karan and Var. Which day is so auspicious and how inauspicious, it is known through these five organs. Let’s know about the importance of panchang and its five parts … aaj ka panchang 

Perhaps you have been watching TV lately and saw one of the astrological shows that were hosted by a expert. If so, you are probably curious as to how they match their star chart to the stars in their astrological birth chart to come up with these predictions. aaj ka panchang

These astrological shows will rely on a number of stars and constellations in the heavens for their planetary alignments. By matching the position of the stars in their chart to those found in the sky in Panchang, they are able to find the planets that match each constellation. They then send their astrological messages to their co-host, telling them what they should do in response to the information that they receive. Aaj ka panchang

Before this show even gets started, the host has a large catalogue of stars, planets, and constellations that he or she is able to pull from for their star charts. In fact, every star in the entire sky can be found in these charts, and they do not have to be ones that were used in the initial design of the show itself. They will be able to find just about any star that they want for their chart. This is because they have access to much more accurate charts than anyone could create using modern technology. Aaj ka panchang

Astrology is not completely based on astronomy. Though it is a process that allows one to understand the stars and planets, there are some astronomical sources that are not found in any astrological chart. Because the astrological world view requires us to draw lines between the planets and stars, it is very possible for the idea of astrology to get confused with other types of theories, especially in the past. The purpose of the astrological stars is to separate these two different worlds. Aaj ka panchang

There are several other ways that one can use astrology to determine their zodiac signs. One example of this is determining when they were born. Since astrology has the position of the planets and stars, it is possible to know when you were born based on the phases of the moon. There are a number of methods available to determine one’s zodiac sign, so it is important to ask for advice from an astrologer before attempting to do this. Aaj ka panchang

Another way to do astrology is to take a free online astrological survey and find the astrological star chart for that person. By knowing where your zodiac sign and the stars are in relation to one another, you can then use this information to create a personalized astrological birth chart for yourself. This is an easy and affordable way to ensure that you have a good idea of your future. Aaj ka panchang

Finally, there are many astrologers that have been known to hang out at various astronomy clubs and conventions to learn as much as they can about astrology. Once they have learned enough, they will then go ahead and post their astrological results at the websites for their clients to view. They have mentioned above probably follow this method to ensure that they have someone to consult if they need help. Aaj ka panchang 

Astrology is all about the sky, so finding a little bit of it in your own house may be the next best thing to having a celestial visitor visit you. In fact, a quick trip to the local bookstore for a guide to astrology will reveal just how many books are available on the subject. Aaj ka panchang

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